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Diamond ID – certifying the identity and origin of diamonds

Nanotechnology inside diamonds

We are creating a new standard for certifying the transparency of the diamond industry. Our technology allows us to certify the identity and origin of diamonds in accordance with rigorous legal requirements and the expectations of a growing group of buyers to ensure the sustainable development of the diamond industry.

Traceability and clear history

With Diamond ID we develop an innovative micro-marking technology to trace the full history of a diamond from its place of origin. We use a femtosecond laser to produce an indestructible marking inside the diamond. The marking has no negative impact on the value of the precious stone. The marking is invisible to the naked eye and has no negative impact on the value of the valuable stone.

We are able to mark each diamond from the earliest stage – mining in a mine in the country of origin. The marking is created by a unique map of microdots randomly distributed under the diamond’s surface. The stone can be identified at any time using an optical microscope, so its history is completely transparent. Thanks to this, its value and origin are verifiable at every stage of its life: from mining, through cutting and grinding, setting in jewelry, up to purchase by the customer.

Technology is an disrupting innovation in the diamond market. It creates a traceable global diamond industry ecosystem and ensures transparency in the supply chain. The markings are unique, unforgeable and indestructible. Diamond ID technology provides full transparency of the life and origin of stones. It allows to certify the country and place of origin of diamonds meeting new legal requirements and growing expectations of the demanding customer.

We solve the problems of the diamond industry.

Marking of the diamond from the very moment of mining allowing to verify the source of the stone.

A mark that can be identified at any time provides transparency in the supply chain.

Non-invasive marking that does not negatively affect the value of the diamond.

An indestructible and unmatchable marking inside the stone that cannot be removed without significantly reducing the value of the stone.

Key features

  • With Diamond ID technology, the marking certifies the origin of the diamond and protects it.
  • We can mark any diamond, at any stage of its processing, regardless of its origin, size or grading.
  • The marking is indestructible, unique and unforgeable and does not impact the quality of the diamond.

Application of technology

The diamond’s unique marking allows you to trace its life cycle from the earliest stages. Marking a diamond from the moment it is mined makes it possible to verify its origin, place of manufacturing and trace the whole supply chain. The technology ensures compliance with the latest rigorous legal requirements in global markets. Diamond buyers can verify the origin of diamonds and the compliance of their mining and processing with the principles of sustainable development.

Diamond personalization

To further enhance uniqueness of your diamonds among other gems we developed a technology for personalization of these precious stones with holographic inscription. Our solution allows brands and individuals to personalize their diamonds with a microhologram.

Micrometer holographic pattern is engraved on the surface of the diamond and stays invisible to the human eye. To see the pattern you have to illuminate your diamond with laser light. The diamond will act like a projector’s lens and display your engraved content on the wall. We use a state-of-the-art focused ion beam to create an indestructible marking on the diamond. We designed a plug-and-play simple device that allows you to show your holographic inscription at any moment.

The holographic inscription is invisible to the naked eye and does not reduce the grading of the stone.

The engraving is located on the surface of the diamond and is less than 100 nm deep.

To see the hologram you have to illuminate the diamond surface with a safe laser using our custom made easy to use device.

Our team

Paweł Modrzyński
Product Creator

Magdalena Kołda
Product Manager


For years, we have specialized in developing technologies related to the diamond industry. We’d be happy to talk with you if you would like to enrich your diamond manufacturing capabilities.

If you see a potential in diamond traceability technology in your organization, please contact us.

Magdalena Kołda
Product Manager

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