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Compact X

Mission optimization

MIS-X is a manufacturing inspection system from start-up Compact X, a device designed specifically for optimizing production processes in the manufacturing industry.

Problems solved

  • Optimization of the cellulose filter production process.
  • Optimizing the papermaking process by measuring grammage and moisture content in the early wet phase.


MIS-X is designed to provide the user with information on the grammage, weight, moisture content, wet-to-dry ratio of the material at the earliest possible stage of production. The test is performed before the wet phase of the material is reduced. The system is capable of testing the grammage and other parameters of the material while it is still in the hydrated phase, and can also make predictions about the grammage of the final product.

The technology is designed to perform tests on key characteristics of cellulose-based products. The system is based on a head (scanner) in which key research modules have been integrated, implying the ability to detect and calculate such parameters as grammage, moisture content, thickness or density. The solutions used in MIS-X allow the control of material parameters over a very wide range, such as moisture content from 2-90% or grammage from 10 to 10000 g/m2.

The system is equipped with software with an easy-to-use user interface, which gives the possibility of presenting results as well as defining the trajectory of the scanning head movement. The system, once the parameters are entered, is able to calculate the optimal head movement parameters and data acquisition frequency. The system can be implemented in various places on the production line, and with appropriate technical conditions, there is the possibility of integration with various systems, such as SCADA.

Performed measurements

  • Mass measurement traversing, linear or on demand
  • Moisture measurement
  • Dry and wet phase ratio
  • Material grammages, thicknesses and densities
  • Ability to predict the parameters of the final material at an early stage of production

Where will the technology find application?

With MIS-X technology, it is possible to optimize production efficiency and reduce production rejects in the paper and printing industries, in the production of MDF or even in the food industry.

Our partners

  • Mondi Świecie
  • Schumacher Packaging
  • Stora Enso
  • Centrum Poligrafii i Papiernictwa Politechniki Łódzkiej

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