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Opening of new HB Botswana centre


In March 2023 in Botswana’s capital, Gaborone, we were part of the opening of the new HB Botswana centre, a collaboration between the Botswana government and HB Antwerp.

A year ago, our HB Nano diamond traceability technology was noticed and we made a joint effort with HB Antwerp to co-create the diamond ecosystem with honesty and integrity at the core, creating a positive impact for people and the planet. Now we were able to attend the opening ceremony of the new HB Botswana centre, which is the fruit of a partnership between the Government of Botswana and HB Antwerp. At the inauguration, Botswana President Dr Mokgweetsi E.K. Masisi said:

“Together, we have created an entirely new business model for mineral infrastructure, radically changing the narrative of how extractive industries can work with countries of origin to deliver greater shared economic development and prosperity.”

Diamonds mined in Africa are shipped to countries in Europe and Asia, and the mining countries receive the least from this. This partnership allows Botswana not only to mine anymore, but creates the possibility for advanced processing and analysis of the full process needed for fair profit sharing.

Since the discovery of diamond deposits in Botswana, there has been tremendous economic development going on (the highest per capita GDP growth in the world), ensured by a high rate of economic freedom and successful governance. However, the country is still plagued by problems like poor neighbourhoods, the need for medical development or education. We are pleased that Nanores with its technology can support an initiative such as HB Botswana to introduce sustainable development in the diamond industry.

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