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Nanores honoured in list of companies pursuing implementation doctorates


The Łukasiewicz Research Network has released a report entitled. ‘Personnel of the future – 5 years of implementation doctorates’. Nanores was also included in the compilation.

The report presents subjects with at least 10 implementation PhDs, and the idea was to clearly present the results from the first five editions of the Implementation doctorates programme. Some of the conclusions of the report are:

  • approval of 2293 projects submitted by participants over 5 years;
  • delivery of nearly 70% of doctorates in the private sector;
  • implementation of more than 60% of projects in the area of technical sciences.

In addition to Nanores, the list includes institutions such as PIT-RADWAR, Aptiv Services Poland and Nokia Solutions and Networks. Interestingly, the dynamics of our development currently already translates into 15 PhDs in new fields.

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