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Meeting of the Silesian Aviation Cluster in Nanores


Our materials laboratory, Nanores Lab, hosted a meeting of the Silesian Aviation Cluster under the theme ‘Support for the aerospace industry’. As the host, we were able to present research capabilities and solutions to production problems at the micro and nano scale.

The meeting allowed us to present and talk about laboratory services helpful in solving various quality and production improvement problems. We demonstrated dual beam electron microscopes, which are excellent for examining cross-sections of coatings that are too thin (less than 1 micrometre or 100 nanometres thick) to be measured by conventional methods. With the help of these microscopes, we can measure thickness and observe defects. We also presented a femtosecond laser providing micromachining that minimises thermal damage to the material being machined, as well as an EDS detector and its microanalysis of elemental composition that allows us to study impurities, verifying their origin. We presented our Graphene Project, which for the aerospace industry can produce reduced graphene oxide as an additive for anti-corrosion coatings or lubricants. Representatives from our partner Spec3D were present at the meeting and demonstrated the possibilities of 3D printing and geometric optimisation of parts.

The cluster meeting aimed to strengthen cooperation between manufacturing companies in the aerospace industry and research units, thereby increasing the potential for technological development in Poland and the region.

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