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Elemental EDS analysis


Colour photographs rarely appear on our website. After all, an electron microscope is different from a light microscope. This time, however, we think we will surprise you with the number of colours. One of our apprentices wanted to check the quality of the copper layer that she had covered the molybdenum wire from the previous post. To do this, she took a cross-section of the wire using our XePFIB microscope and analysed the elemental composition using EDS (Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy). With this, she confirmed that the copper plating was successful and the surface was covered with a continuous layer of metal.

Elemental EDS analysis is a great tool for verifying manufacturing processes in thin films, for example, or determining the distribution of elements in a sample volume. We have posted more information about the test on our website. You are welcome!

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