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About us

We are ecosystem for scientists and innovators, creating start-ups from idea phase to selling stage. Based on modern research and development resources and expertise, we are creating valuable results and commercialising developed technologies. We are using gained skills and experience to work on the next projects. With You we will create start-up, which make us live in safer, neutral for nature and modern world.

Nanores abilities as venture builder

Connecting start-up specifics and experience from international corporations
Creating business analyses and Go-To-Market strategies
Acqisiting public funds
We are experienced technical staff connecting specialists from different domains
Designing and creating products in accordance with quality and safety standards
We are cooparating with universities under joint research and development works
Realising projects for commercial clients

Nanores teams are created by
competent and ambitious units

The organisation is managed by responsible people of science and engineering who wants to face ambitious challanges through undertaken projects.
Any business, administrative or technical processes are provided by experienced venture builder mentors (go-to-market, risk analysis)
At Nanores we own modern laboratory equipment, R&D and years of experience in conducting research, prototyping and micro-manufacturing.
In total, venture builder is made up of more than 30 talented professionals: scientists, business experts, engineers.


We are leading R&D works, prototyping and nanoproduction in our own laboratories, which provide us easy access to research and procution apparatus.

Chemistry laboratory

laboratorium chemiczne

X-ray laboratory

laboratorium rentgenowskie

Nanotechnology laboratory

laboratorium nanotechnologii

Nano and microcomponent manufacturing laboratory

laboratorium produkcji nano- 
i mikrokomponentów
Access to SEM microscopy is provided by partner laboratory Nanores Lab. Find out more
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