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We support the development of scientists and get you rigged for success. Together we build startups that address the industry's technological challenges. We focus on the social impact of the projects and on their mission.
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Nanotechnology lab


Material research manufacturing of nano- and micro-components


Leasing of equipment purchased from European Funds for R&D projects



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Value proposition

We have created a venture building model, changing the current approach to building start-ups. We offer an ecosystem that maximizes the potential of innovators through community inclusion, providing a constant exchange of knowledge and industry experience. Regardless of the role you start with us, there will always be room for your competencies, talents and discoveries.
You can be part of an environment working on innovations in developmental domains.


We are a venture builder of advanced technologies. In order to deliver the best products, we rely on teams formed by competent and committed individuals.

We constantly improve our business, organizational and scientific ecosystem supported by the values of our sense of mission, shared responsibility and agility.
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At an early stage, we assess the compatibility of the idea with the organization's project domains and verify the business potential. Business operations focus on creating an initial business model to verify the Proof of Concept and Value Proposition. Further cooperation allows us to define the plan and scope of technical and business work.
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We focus on obtaining funding for R&D work and developing a Minimal Viable Product. The business work focuses on implementation work and the development of a suitable go-to-market strategy. We create a brand for the technology, build contacts and conduct marketing activities - we do what is needed for a start-up to emerge and make a bold entry into the market.
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In the last phase, we focus on business operations that will determine the direction of further research and development work. In focusing on the realization of market needs and successful commercialization of technology, the start-up becomes independent from the Nanores VB ecosystem.

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Welcome to a safe space for innovators and researchers.
We are distinguished by an ecosystem that maximizes the potential of innovators by integrating them into the structure of the organization, providing continuous exchange of knowledge and industrial experience. Working with a venture builder means access to a team of specialists, laboratories and equipment, administrative facilities, and full support in the creation and implementation of a market entry strategy.

Industry expert

Nanores is also a space for experienced industry professionals.
The ecosystem we are creating provides an exchange of knowledge and experience that you can be a part of. We welcome people with scientific and industrial experience at the expert level. Become a consultant for one of the R&D projects or start-ups under development and support the development of modern technologies.


Nanores VB welcomes all ambitious and talented professionals who want to make a real impact on the development of innovative technologies.
By joining us as an employee, you become a key part of the innovative community that is shaping the industry of the future. With us, your talents will be recognized and utilized to the fullest, regardless of the position you start in.
We have prepared an environment for you to strive for excellence. Our teams are made up of multidisciplinary professionals, engineers and project managers who work hand in hand to turn visions into reality.
Visit our career portal and discover what opportunities await you at Nanores VB.

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Let us find the best role for you in our ecosystem.
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Manufacturing and
research equipment

We conduct R&D, prototyping and nanomanufacturing at our own laboratories, which ensures quick access to research and manufacturing equipment.

We continue to invest in facilities and equipment dedicated for incoming projects.

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Our startups

weight and quality measurement of materials used in the manufacturing process

diamonds identity and origin certification technology supporting sustainable diamond industry growth

preparing a graphite oxide manufacturing method for industrial applications

Innowacyjne demonstracyjne urządzenie do identyfikacji i poświadczania pochodzenia diamentów Opis projektu W rezultacie projektu opracowane zostanie innowacyjne demonstracyjne urządzenia do oznacz…

Produkcja nano- i mikrokomponentów w skali przemysłowej dla przełomowych technologii

cooperating with Nanores

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Nanores is rapidly increasing the number of available machines to allow for fast prototyping and testing of new technologies. It provides the perfect environment for deep-tech startups who need access to cutting-edge tools and need to quickly build an efficient team. Thanks to their business and technological expertise we were able to turn ideas born at the laboratory into a commercially viable enterprise.
dr hab. inż. Michał
Wrocław University of Science and Technology
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